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Urban, black and white, and Parisian wedding themes

- August 14, 2013 - by: miguel

Urban, black and white, and Parisian wedding themes

Parisian, black & white & urban wedding.

There are many themes to choose for your wedding day but an urban, black and white, or Parisian wedding is not very complicated to put together. A set color scheme and some specific decor pieces will go a long way in creating a unified look for the venue you choose.

Urban theme: If you have dreamed of getting married on a rooftop or in a beautiful park in the city, an urban-themed wedding is the way to go for you. The sophisticated affair can be achieved by choosing an outdoor space filled with lots of greenery in the area. If you want an indoor urban wedding, look to hotels  in the city.

A minimalist decor approach is increasingly popular among urban weddings. To set the hip, chic mood for your trendy wedding, rent lounge furniture for the venue. Low-seats or even slightly decorated cabanas will create an intimate mood for guests.

Similar to a minimalist decor approach, the color theme for an urban wedding is generally neutral. However, if you love bright colors, there is no need to worry. Bold statement colors will accent the neutral tone. For example, black and gold silverware and plates are very chic and will go well with an urban theme. For the flowers, choose pastels as they will look simple with the neutral color scheme for the wedding. 

A knee-length gorgeous white gown with a colored bow around the waist, simple jewelry, darker-toned makeup and stilettos is an option for your look on the big day. 

Black and white wedding: For a simple yet elegant wedding, choose a black-and-white theme. A black-and-white wedding can be created in any venue or location and if done right, will provide classic photos that you cherish forever. Start with the wedding invitations, adding floral designs and fancy fonts to the neutral colors. The black and white baroque tablecloths, chair covers and stage decorations will match your color theme and look elegant.

Black chandeliers set a cozy mood with white tables underneath. Add black candle holders with white candles on the table with dim lighting to accent the white in the room. Even the tiered cake can be created to match the theme of the wedding. Don't forget to mix-and-match black and white flowers for your bridesmaids' bouquets as they walk down the aisle.

If you want to add some color to a black-and-white wedding, keep the table settings neutral but add your favorite colors to the centerpieces. Lace, balloons and pears can also be incorporated into your decor for a simple and classy look.

For your wedding gown, add black lace trim to the bottom of your dress and a satin bow at your waist.

Parisian: To stick to an authentic Parisian style wedding,start with a long and flowing gown. Pair it with lace gloves and some pearls. Finish the look with embroidered and lace high heels.

As for the venue decorations choose fabrics and colors that are white, gold and red. Use ornate frames to hold the table numbers with pink roses a part of the centerpiece. Ask the groomsmen to walk down the aisle with parasols covering the bridesmaids.

For the food at the wedding, serve crepes, canap​é coq au vin and creme brulee as dessert. Don't forget an assortment of French wine for the guests!

Whichever wedding theme you end up choosing, use LUX Wedding Florist as your go-to for all of your floral arrangements.



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    Urban, black and white, and Parisian wedding themes

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    Urban, black and white, and Parisian wedding themes

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    Urban, black and white, and Parisian wedding themes

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    Urban, black and white, and Parisian wedding themes

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