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Tulip Wedding Flowers – Flower Fridays

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Tulip Wedding Flowers - Flower Fridays

Tulips, Holland’s Colorful Beauties!

Grown in large fields that blanket the earth with stunning color and beauty, tulips symbolize the spirit of spring in all its glory. Although they are not a common wedding flower, we love the fresh look they bring to any bridal bouquet.

Available from mid-October through May, the most common varieties of tulips include: regular tulips, parrot tulips, and double bloomed. Regular tulips are the most common shape you would find in a store or garden. Parrot tulips have ruffled edges and are often multicolored. Their unique texture and beautiful coloring adds a dynamic layer to any bridal bouquet. Double bloomed tulips have multiple layers of petals, which give them a lush bloom, similar to a peony.




regular tulips, parriot tulip, double bloom tulip


Tulips are available in a rainbow of different colors including: white, lavender, purple, pink, magenta, red, peach, orange, yellow, green, and bi-color. One tulip variety called The Queen Of The Night is such a deep wine purple that they appear nearly black in color. Said to represent perfect love and eternal happiness, each color also has a certain meaning associated with it.

  • Red Tulips – Perfect, passionate love. The velvety black interior of the red tulips are said to represent the smoldering color of a lover’s heart
  • Pink Tulips- A symbol of caring attachment and kind wishes
  • White Tulips- Representing purity, innocence, forgiveness and respect, white tulips send the perfect message for a wedding commitment
  • Purple Tulips- Royalty, rebirth, and renewal
  • Yellow Tulips- Hopeless love, brightness & sunshine, cheerful thoughts
  • Variegated Tulips – They expressed the meaning of “beautiful eyes” in the Language Of Flowers, probably because of their gorgeous color patterns

Combine your colors to symbolize just the right meaning on your wedding day!


Red tulip boutonniere with black feathers

Red tulips are the ultimate symbol of perfect, endless love. We can’t get enough of their lively nature and colorful look. Try a tulip in your guy’s boutonniere for a great wedding look!


A Flower with a Rich History

Most often associated with Holland, you might assume these flowers originated in the Netherlands. Actually, tulips were originally cultivated in the Ottoman Empire, or present day Turkey. They didn’t appear in Holland until the 16th century. Once they did hit Holland however, they became so popular that they drove the country into a craze. “Tulip Mania” arose and the price of tulips became so high that it caused markets to crash and economies to topple! During this period of history tulips actually became a legitimate form of currency.

From Tulip Wedding Flowers to a Honeymoon in Holland

Today Holland is still well known for its “curvaceous and colorful” tulip flowers and is even called the “flower shop of the world.” The country holds annual tulip festivals, hosts the world’s biggest flower auction, and is home to Keukenhof Gardens, the largest flower garden on the planet! A romantic walk through these magical gardens would make a perfect honeymoon destination for any couple!


Collage of colorful fields of tulips, hydrangeas, and doffodils at keukenhof gardens in Holland

The beauty of Keukenhof in spring simply cannot be beat! This largest garden in the world is replanted every year with the latest trends in color and gardening ideas. The garden selects one country to honor every year with a new planting theme. This year’s theme is Holland in the golden age of tulip mania.


Photo Credits:

LUX Tulip Bouquet and Boutonniere – Photo by Harley Bonham

Red & Yellow Parrot Tulip –  Photo by and featured on Flushgord’s Plot blog

Pink Double Bloom Tulip –  Found on

Keukenhof Garden – Photos found on: Richard Tulloch’s Life On The Road,  Hello Magazine, & Planting Queen



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    Tulip Wedding Flowers - Flower Fridays

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    Tulip Wedding Flowers - Flower Fridays

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