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Preserving your wedding flowers for lasting memories

- July 24, 2012 - by: miguel

Preserving your wedding flowers for lasting memories

Preserving your wedding flowers to create lasting memories

Your stunning bouquet did the perfect job of accenting you for your big day. You can make your memories last for years to come by preserving your flowers and using them to craft beautiful displays to use as a memento for yourself or as thoughtful gifts for your bridesmaids. This DIY project is the perfect way to take your big day and make it last a lifetime.

Materials you will need

To preserve your flowers, you'll need something that will serve as a press. You can make your own press with a couple panels of craft plywood from your local craft store. An even easier idea is to use a heavy book as a press, such as a dictionary or phonebook.

Some additional materials that you may wish to use for your unique creations include:

•Corrugated cardboard to use as a baseboard
•Scissors or a craft knife
•Thick rubber bands
•Hot glue gun to secure the various parts of your display
•Background mat or fabric
•Soft bristle artist's brush
•Your wedding bouquets and other floral arrangements from the ceremony and reception, copies of your wedding announcement, save-the-dates and invitations and photos from the event

Press and frame idea … before you head out

After your wedding, many newlyweds such as yourself run off for their honeymoon. This DIY project is perfect because you can put your flowers into your press before heading off to revel in romance with your new spouse! Your flowers will need roughly two weeks in the press before they are ready to be used in your creative displays.

Arrange your blooms, leaves and petals between the pages of your book in a single layer before closing it tightly. Thin flora work best for pressing purposes and will give you the best results. You can press single petals, leaves, groups of leaves and even whole buds. Try arranging your selections in different ways, shapes and positions in your press, incorporating a variety of angles and arrangements. Get creative!

To get your flowers pressed tightly for the best results, take a large, thick rubber band and wrap it around the closed book. This will make sure there is constant and firm pressure acting on your blooms. Then … hop in your limo and head off for your romantic honeymoon getaway! Your flowers will be waiting for you when you return!

After the honeymoon

After you've kept your flowers in the press for about two weeks, you can remove the rubber band and open up your press to see your beautifully preserved flowers.

Your next step will be the most fun! Get creative and begin arranging your flowers into inspired displays. Most commonly, brides arrange their pressed flowers onto a background mat or fabric and then decorate it and have the final display framed. For such a project, consider using your wedding announcement, the ribbons that were used to bind your bouquets or accent the boutonnieres, table place cards from the reception, your professional wedding photos and those taken by guests, and other decorations such as stamps or elegant stickers.

If you want to affix your pressed flowers to a background mat display or note cards, Disney Family Fun suggests using a mixture of half glue and half water, and after you have arranged the materials on the background, use a soft bristle artist's brush to lightly paint the mixture over your display.

For all your wedding flower needs, contact LUX Wedding Florist! We have what you need to make your Arizona wedding truly beautiful. We'll help you create the perfect day for your lifetime of memories.




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    Preserving your wedding flowers for lasting memories

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    Preserving your wedding flowers for lasting memories

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