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From Office Romance to Man And Wife

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From Office Romance to Man And Wife

Love In The Workplace: How Kristi & John Finally Found The Love They’d Always Been Searching For

Kristi first met John when she started working for his investment and estate planning firm. They hit it off right away according to Kristi. “We became fast friends due to our chemistry together, our similar sarcastic senses of humor, love of what we define as “good music”, and general enjoyment of just being together”. Their relationship quickly grew from strictly business to something much more special. “We started to get together after work for dinner to ‘discuss business’,” Kristi remembers, “which led to talking about anything and everything for hours at a time”.

office romance


On New Year’s Eve of 2013, Kristi and John made reservations for Bobby’s Restaurant and Lounge in Scottsdale. However, the dinner almost didn’t happen when their German Shepherd had to have knee surgery the day before. Kristi nearly called off the date to stay home with their pup but John was unusually persistent.

That New Year’s they sat together on the restaurant’s top level, overlooking the balcony’s edge as they dined beneath shimmering strands of beads dangling from the ceiling. That beautiful evening became even more memorable when John took the plunge and laid his whole heart out for Kristi.

John began to tell me the most beautiful things about how he felt about me, our love, and how grateful and amazed he was to have all the memories and years we’ve shared. He asked me to marry him in our own little world right there in the restaurant—with no kneeling, no exaggerated surprises—just a candle-lit magic—our hands entwined, eyes locked, and the realization that after 8 years we were there in that moment with time stopped all around us.


Office RomanceSassi wedding


Kristi and John wanted a small, local affair for their wedding day. They held an intimate ceremony with only family, close friends and co-workers, and of course their beloved dogs!

To match their desire for sophisticated simplicity, we designed flowers with a fresh, natural look. With shades of green and white and accents of rich gold, we designed every element to look as if it had been freshly gathered from the lushest gardens in Italy!


Office Romance to wedding daypets at the wedding


They were both completely captivated by the rich charm of Sassi, an Italian-inspired wedding venue. “The Tuscan, old-world beauty of the venue and surrounding desert were simply unmatched,” Kristi explains. What a perfect choice for their romantic day, and the perfect backdrop for their gorgeous flowers as well!


LUX Wedding Flowers at SassiLUX Wedding Florist Reception at Sassi


The weather was a dream, the ceremony was gorgeous, and guests had an absolute blast at the reception. “It was completely emotional, passionate, from the heart, and a little humorous—perfectly ‘us,'” says Kristi. It was a much-deserved day of perfection for this lovely couple and we are so thankful to have been a part of it!


Office romance leads to wedding

**Special thanks to David De Dios Photography for the beautiful photos!

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