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5 Breathable Wedding Dress Fabrics

- June 27, 2014 - by: miguel

5 Breathable Wedding Dress Fabrics

Best Wedding Gowns {& Their Matching Bouquets} for an Arizona Wedding

Choosing the right fabric for your wedding dress makes all the difference, especially for an Arizona wedding. With summer temperatures reaching into the 100’s, you don’t want to be weighed down by heavy, stifling fabric as you walk down the aisle. Instead, pick a gown made from one of these light, comfortable, and breathable materials:


When you think light, summer dress, a long, flowing Chiffon dress is most likely the first image you imagine. It is a lightweight material that is available in simple styles, which work very well for a casual or rustic affair. You can find chiffon gowns in a variety of necklines like sweetheart, strapless, one-shoulder, or halter.

Chiffion wedding dress blue bouquet

Chiffon wedding dress designed by Anna Schimmel



Lace is such a beautiful fabric with feminine and delicate details that look great any time of the year. There are many different types of lace from which to choose like Chantilly, Alencon, Venetian, or tulle lace. Each one pairs well with different styles – so it is easy to find one to fit a formal, casual, rustic, modern or traditional wedding.

Light pink dahlia bouquet and lace wedding dress

Light pink dahlia bouquet by LUX Wedding Florist



Tulle is most often used for veils or as an overlay for ball gowns. It’s a lightweight fabric that can be easily combined with other materials for a beautiful and breathable summer wedding dress. A tea-length tulle dress that falls below the knees would be perfect for a warm, sunny wedding.

Bateau knee length gown with a pink peionies bouquet

Bateau’s flirty knee length gown is a perfect match for a hot pink peonies bouquet. Bouquet by LUX Wedding Florist, image by Kimberly Jarman Photography



This sheer, light fabric is much like chiffon and can be used as an overlay on gowns to create a flowing silhouette that sways in the breeze as you make your way down the aisle. This sensuous material is made from silk and synthetic fibers like polyester for a comfortable, stylish look. It often has an elegant Grecian style to it, which makes it a beautiful fabric for a flowing sheath gown.  Georgette can be easily printed with a pattern or dyed a color of your choice.

Hayley Paige Odessa and cascading orchid bouquet

Hayley Paige’s Georgette dress, Odessa pairs well with a cascading bouquet of orchids



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    5 Breathable Wedding Dress Fabrics

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    5 Breathable Wedding Dress Fabrics

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    5 Breathable Wedding Dress Fabrics

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    5 Breathable Wedding Dress Fabrics

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