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Don’t forget these wedding photos!

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Don't forget these wedding photos!

Consider hiring two photographers to get multiple shots and angles of your first kiss.

Selecting a wedding photographer is one of the most important aspects of the wedding planning process. Make sure you get what you pay for when booking your wedding photographer. It's a good idea to to meet with several photographers to get a feel for their photography esthetic. Ask to see a portfolio so you'll know what to expect once your photos are ready.

For your initial meeting, bring a few wedding photos from wedding magazines and sites like Pint​erest. Ask the photographer if he or she can recreate something similar on the day of your wedding. If the photographer seems open and gives some feedback as well as a few of his or her own ideas, keep the photographer on your list of contenders. If the photographer's reaction is negative or they sort of blow off your ideas, it's better to pass. After all, these are your wedding photos – you're the one who is going to be looking at them for the rest of your life so make sure your photographer is willing to work with you and has the creativity to take great photographs.

If any particular idea really speaks to you, bring it with you to your meetings to show the photographer the type of mood you want to capture on your wedding day. Get the creative juices flowing between the two of you!

Here are a few must-take wedding day photos:

The getting ready shot
It's really common nowadays to have the photographer capture a few moments before the actual ceremony. These pre-wedding shots might include your trip to the salon, putting on your makeup or sipping a mimosa with your girls at breakfast. We love the simplicity of this shot thanks to the white linens and the solitude of the bride having a moment alone before she has to put on her dress. This photo has it all – the bride's something blue, her garter, engagement ring and bridal bouquet.

The wedding rings
This wedding photo is a unique way to capture the beauty and meaning behind the rings you and your partner exchange on your wedding day. Let the rings do the talking by keeping these photographs simple and classy, like this photograph of the wedding bands stacked on the stem of a pastel pink flower. The greenery in the background and soft shade really make the metal and diamonds stand out. 

The kiss
Whether or not your man thrusts his fist up in the air like this husband did, make sure you emphasize how important it is that you get a great first kiss photograph. A professional wedding photographer knows that this is a make-or-break photograph that will either get them the job or have you walking out of their studio. If your church restricts the photographer from walking around too much during the ceremony, consider hiring two photographers and have them stationed at different spots so you have a variety of angles and options to choose from.

The fun, wedding party shot
Sometimes, couples get so caught up in the seriousness of their wedding day that they forget to take a deep breath and relax. The wedding party shot is a great way to calm the nerves and release a little anxiety. Take a silly picture with your girls before you leave to get to the ceremony. We absolutely adore this shot of the groom and his groomsmen post ceremony – it's reminds us of Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)." The get a room shot of the bride and groom kissing and the wedding party pretending to be grossed out is a great go-to fun shot.

Last shot of the night
Try to come up with a unique "last shot of the night" photograph. The scenario will depend on how long you book your photographer for and your location, but the photographer may be willing to stay a few extra minutes to get one last shot if you ask nicely. The romance in this last shot of the night photograph is imminent as the couple steals a kiss in the elevator at their hotel. We love that the photographer was able to get three consecutive shots of the couple kissing as the elevator door closes.

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    Don't forget these wedding photos!

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    Don't forget these wedding photos!

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    Don't forget these wedding photos!

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    Don't forget these wedding photos!

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