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Dahlias – Flower Fridays

Dahlias – Flower Fridays

Dahlia, The Queen of the Garden

Pronounced DAY-lee-a, these spectacular blooms are closely related to daisies, sunflowers, and chrysanthemums. They are distinctively characterized by large, heavily layered heads with vibrantly colored petals. There are significant differences between each variety from the small, rounded blooms commonly used in wedding bouquets, to the enormous 30cm blooms used in growing competitions, to the towering wild blooms that occasionally stretch over 20ft tall! Their diversity puts these flowers in high demand for weddings, parades, floral competitions, and gardening.

History & Meanings

Originating in South America, the Dahlia was first recorded in 1615 under its Mexican name of acoctli. After its discovery, the dahlia faded from history until it was re-discovered over 150 years later in a European botanical expedition. In the Language Of Flowers dahlias represented elegance, dignity, and good taste and relayed the romantic sentiment of “forever thine”.

close up of a peachy orange dahlia flower with tube like petals

According to Bare Mountain Farm in Oregon, this beautiful Maarn dahlia is a popular variety for weddings and is one of their longest lasting dahlia blooms.


Popular Uses

Dahlia flowers, which have no natural scent, rely on vivid color alone to attract pollinating birds and insects. This lack of scent results in awe-inspiring colors and also makes these flowers a great choice for any allergy sufferers. Their large size and eye-catching color also makes dahlias a very popular choice for parades and competitions. The Bloemencorso Zundert, which is the largest floral parade in the world, uses only dahlias in the creation of all of its floats.

A vibrant Aztec-themed float in a floral parade in the Netherlands

That’s right, every pop of color on this float is a dahlia flower! Each massive float in the Bloemencorso Zundert is constructed with cardboard, wire, and papier-mâché over the course of 3-4 months. The dahlia flowers are then added about 2-3 days before the parade.


Make Dahlias A Part Of Your Wedding

If you prefer a soft, romantic look, combine white or light pink dahlias (such as Midnight Moon or Cafe Au Lait dahlias) with a mix of other blushing blooms like garden roses, peonies, or frothy white hydrangeas. Or for a vividly colored bouquet, use Gonzo Grape (magenta) or Neon Splendor (orange) dahlias mixed with cheerful buds like ranunculus, zinnia, alstroemeria, or brightly colored roses. Dahlias are available to purchase from June through October. They are a great choice for late summer and fall weddings since most buds will reach full bloom in the mid-summer months. These gorgeous flowers come in so many unique varieties that it is easy to find the one that works perfectly for you. Define your own romance by selecting the dahlia that fits your wedding vision.

A little girl holds a large wedding bouquet in light tones of cream, blush, and peach

Dahlias are one of the largest flowers commonly used in wedding bouquets. They stand out in any bouquet, even if the color blends in with all the other flowers.



Featured Image: Dahlia bridal bouquet by LUX Wedding Florist, photo by Siegel Thurston Photography

Orange Maarn Dahlia: Photo by Bare Mountain Farm

Bloemencorso Zundert Dahlia Float: Photo by Niels Braspenning and Malou Evers, featured on

Girl With Bridal Bouquet: Bouquet by LUX Wedding Florist, photo by Siegel Thurston Photography



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    Dahlias – Flower Fridays

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    Dahlias – Flower Fridays

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    Dahlias – Flower Fridays

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    Dahlias – Flower Fridays

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