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Bridesmaid Fashion: How To Give Direction Without Becoming A Bridezilla

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Bridesmaid Fashion: How To Give Direction Without Becoming A Bridezilla

2014 Bridesmaid Fashion Is All About Diversity

Like most brides, you probably have a particular theme or color scheme in mind when you envision the big day. In the past, it was common for bridesmaids to wear the exact same style and color of dress paired with matching bouquets and accessories. While that is still done today, some brides are embracing the eclectic look and encouraging their bridesmaids to wear dresses in different colors or styles. Allowing your bridesmaids to choose their own dresses not only offers stylish variety, but also allows each girl to feel confident and comfortable as they stand behind you at the altar. The trick is to give the girls enough freedom to choose dresses that fit their preferences, look good together as a cohesive unit, and still fit your theme and color scheme! It is a difficult undertaking for sure, but the result is well worth it! Here are some ideas on how to give your girls direction without compromising your wedding vision or becoming a bridezilla.

Set some guidelines

While the girls can technically choose their own dresses, you’ll still want the bridal party to look like a bridal party on your big day. Therefore, give your ladies a few guidelines to follow while they’re shopping. Offer them a certain fabric, color (or color family if you’re going for an ombre sort of look), and length of dress to look for. This not only makes it much easier for them to choose a gown, but should also ensure that their wardrobe choices look good as a group and still fit the theme of your special day. If you are still looking for a great theme to hold this eclectic style together, take some inspiration from our recent article on the up and coming Neo-Victorian wedding theme.

Have comfort in mind

You want all of your lovely ladies to be as comfortable as possible on your wedding day. It’s important to be flexible and find a balance between what you’re searching for and what makes your bridesmaids feel the most confident. Before you start shopping around, ask your maids directly if there are any styles that they would be opposed to wearing. One way to ensure all your bridesmaids feel comfortable in the right style for their body type but still keep a uniform is to wear a convertible dress which allows each girl to change the design of the dress.

A line of 6 bridesmaids and the bride showing off 6 unique pairs of pink shoes that match in color but not style

Having one shared color adds some uniformity to the look, while different styles allow each girl to find something that will suit her own comfort level.


Offer some visual inspiration

Instead of just explaining what you want them to wear, show them! If you are open to other opinions and if you know you have a supportive group of girls then invite them to help you make some of the decisions. Plan a girl’s night and have a folder filled with pictures of your favorite styles, colors, and lengths of dresses. This takes all of the guessing out of the equation and lets everyone know exactly what you have in mind. Plus, it’s a great bonding experience that will give your friends an opportunity to get in on some of the planning!

David's Bridal color swatches in dark purple, blue, and green tones with matching paper flowers on top

Provide your wedding party with fabric swatches in the exact color and material that you want them to wear. Remember, the same color can look completely different from one fabric to another. You can order swatches online or sometimes pick them up in store as in these David’s Bridal swatches. You can also order a Pantone Wedding color guide to help guide your color decisions.


Shop from one collection

One surefire way to get a coordinated look is to ask your bridesmaids to purchase dresses by the same designer, or even from the same collection. In any given collection most designers will have a few gowns of the same or similar styles. Most of the gowns in these collections can also be purchased in matching colors. This is a great way to ensure a coordinated look in the bridal party without relying on cookie cutter dresses.

A bride stands with her two bridesmaids in their navy blue satin and chiffon gowns, one strapless and one with straps

Dresses from the same collection might be nearly identical, but the smallest differences, like straps versus strapless, can add unique flair to the wedding party and may make an enormous difference to some of your bridesmaids!


Buy early

It’s important to start looking early so that you have enough time to put all the dresses side by side and make sure that the colors and styles are consistent. Give yourself and your bridesmaids enough time to find the perfect outfits without feeling rushed or pressured to buy the first thing that fits.



Pink bridesmaids and balloons: photo by Jason + Anna Photography

Hot pink bridesmaid shoes: photo by Kimberly Jarman Weddings

David’s Bridal fabric swatches: from

Navy blue bridesmaids: photo by Harley Bonham Photography



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